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 "The Blackberry Patch is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn about the process of picking wild blackberries from the start to the end. They will learn about the preparation and protection needed, the dangers and challenges that might be encountered, and the beauty to be expected during the process. What really did win me over above all was the near poetic way in which the words of the story were delivered, making it even more fantastic to read. Gina McKnight kept The Blackberry Patch short and sweet, delivering such an exciting read on pages so few and with words so minimal. Through all the preparations, precautions and potential dangers, there is an unmistakable excitement in the narrator's voice as she looks forward to the reward that she will be enjoying at the end of it all. It is a really amazing and exciting read." Review by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains promotes inspiration and passion for creative writing; children's literature, poetry, freelance, and more. Gina is a graduate of Franklin University/Leadership Scholar/BA, Columbus, Ohio. Writing at an early age, an avid reader and lover of words, Gina continues to be encouraged by her horses, neighbors, family and friends. Enjoy Gina's poetry, learn about her book releases, as well as events. If you would like a book promotion, use the contact form to leave a message.