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Writing Horses: An interview with Tobi Lopez Taylor

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Writing Horses: An interview with Tobi Lopez Taylor

by Gina McKnight

An archived interview from the October 2016 Issue of Arabian Finish Line

No duplication without permission.


Living outside Tucson, Arizona, USA, with her husband, Arabian and half-Arabian horses, writing about horses is second nature to Tobi Lopez Taylor. As a contributing writer for Arabian Finish Line, and the author of two books on Polish Arabian horses, she stays busy at her keyboard. Her writing has appeared in Arabian Sport Horse, Arabian Visions, Horse Illustrated, Blood-Horse, Dressage Today, Archaeology Magazine, American Indian Art Magazine, and other publications, including the anthologies An Apple A Day and In My Life. In addition to being an award-winning writer and editor, she has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Anthropology from Arizona State University.

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Riding Sicily: An interview with Monica Bonaccorso

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Riding Sicily

An interview with Monica Bonaccorso

As seen in the November 2016 issue of Florida Equine Athlete

By Gina McKnight

There are people who travel the world seeking the best horseback riding vacations. With so many riding vacation spots to choose from, deciding which trail to take requires thorough research, a keen eye, and a little tourist knowhow. You don’t have to be an expert rider; all you need is the desire to experience the beauty of the world on horseback.


Poetry from the Field: Monday Road Poetry Volume II by Gina McKnight

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Poetry from the Field takes you around the farm, through the countryside, and into the forest. Ohio poet Gina McKnight invites you to sit under a sycamore tree and along the banks of Monday Creek. Journey along the well-worn path to the barn, to the stables, and a place in the hay. Find joy in the company of bees, birds, trees, and rain.

ZanEconomopoulos: Arabian Horses in Art

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Zan Economopoulos knows Arabian horses. A horse-lover since childhood, Zan is an expert artist, “capturing the spirit of the horse as it is symbolized by the Arabian.” Zan’s artwork is currently exhibited in the United States, as well as in personal collections around the world. As a portrait artist, Zan’s commissions include Dynasty, a Canadian Bronze Medalist Dressage horse, and much more. Zan writes, “There as so many aspects to what the horse means to us that it endlessly feeds my creativity.”

Serious Reading Interview

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October 2016 Serious Reading Interview with Gina Mcknight, author of “The Blackberry Patch” ;

Rockin Book Reviews Interview with Gina McKnight

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A fun interivew with Rockin Book Reviews, posted October 8, 2016. Thanks, Rockin Book Reviews!

Writing True West: An interview with author Jim Christina

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to connect with horseman and author Jim Christina. Besides being a natural horseman and a prolific writer, Jim is the host of LA Talk Radio’s The Writer’s Block, a nationally syndicated radio program engaging authors to talk about their books, writing, and much more.

Writing Non-Fiction for Children By Childrens Author Gina McKnight

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Looking for writing inspiration? Read my new article for ideas to get started...“Use your own life events to encourage children to encounter new and exciting adventures! You can write a story that allows children to experience new environments. Take them on a journey that they will want to read again and share with their friends…

Riding Marwari: Indian Cowboy Saif Patel

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Riding Marwari: Indian Cowboy Saif Patel

by Gina McKnight

Archived Article from the August 2016 Issue of Florida Equine Athlete

No duplication without permission.


Traveling around the world, now residing in his home country of India, Saif Patel is a horseman. His riding photos and long-sleeve white shirt with Marwari written down the sleeve caught my eye. I connected with Saif and we talked about his horses, riding, and much more.

Rider & Writer, Mike Yarbro

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Mike Yarbro is an all-around horseman. Throughout his lifetime he has been a roper, barrel racer, showman, breeder, and “just about anything a horseman could do.” His horsemanship is tried and true. Mike shares, “I bought and sold over 700 horses one year to pay my way through college...”

WHOA for Horses! An Interview with William Koester

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(No duplication without permission) Will Koester loves horses. As a Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder for over 35 years, Koester believes, as did Winston Churchill, that there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. Introduced to horses as a youngster, Koester knows that horses require respect, attention, and gratitude.

The Fine Art of Debra Trent

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The Fine Art of Debra Trent - Archived article, 1st publication Arabian Finish Line April 2016 by Gina McKnight

For over 25 years Debra Trent has been creating masterpieces. A self-taught artist, she has captured our hearts with her artwork. Stunning portraits of horses, dogs, nature, and more, can be seen in her gallery. Currently painting for museum exhibitions, Debra has won many accolades, awards, and honors, including National juried museum exhibitions and competitions. Her portfolio includes a solo exhibition at the National Wildlife Federation, Vienna, Virginia....

Animals' Angels: An Interview with Sonya Meadows

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Archived Article 1st Publication June 2016 Florida Equine Athlete by Gina McKnight - No Duplication Without Persmission

SONJA MEADOWS - FOUNDER, PRESIDENT & LEAD INVESTIGATOR OF ANIMALS’ ANGELS INC. Since 2007, Sonja has traveled across the US on behalf of America’s farm animals - visiting auctions, feedlots and slaughter plants, documenting the dreadful conditions that far too often exist. Sonja’s videos exposing cruelty and intolerable conditions have been used by countless media outlets, educating the public about the plight of US farm animals. She is responsible for the first-ever cruelty conviction of the largest auction on the East Coast. And was then successful in getting them convicted a second time. She is also behind the exposure & conviction of a large scale horse rescue that, instead of providing hundreds of horses with a safe home as promised, was shipping them to slaughter. Sonja has testified in court against animal abusers and has lobbied local, state, and federal bodies, advocating for stronger laws and improved conditions for farm animals.

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

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Archived Freelance Interview, 1st Publication February 2016, An interview with Susan W. Watt, Executive Director IRAM Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary by Gina McKnight

Dream Jeans: An interview with Désirée Johnson

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Archived Freelance Dream Jeans: An interview with Désirée Johnson by Gina McKnight Archived Freelance: Florida Equine Athlete Volume 113 ...Désirée Johnson knows horses...and jeans! As an accomplished 3-day event competitor, trainer, and instructor, she knows the value of comfortable riding jeans. Now the proprietor of Smooth Stride Riding Wear, Désirée talks about riding, horses, and horsemanship…

The Australia Times Poetry

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Thanks Australia Times Poetry for selecting two of my poems for inclusion in your current issue... The Australia Times Poetry

Carlos Tabernaberri: Whispering Acres

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Good Horsemanship: An interview with Carlos Tabernaberri by Gina McKnight...As seen in Florida Equine Athlete December 2015 issue;  ...

Horses for Heroes: Rick Iannucci

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First Publication Florida Equine Athlete - Horses For Heroes: A cowboy’s commitment; An interview with Rick Iannucci: Horses For Heroes Cowboy Up! Rick Iannucci is the Executive Director of Horses For Heroes-NM, an independent New Mexico based ranch that facilitates ‘Cowboy Up!’ a unique horsemanship skill-set restructuring program free to all men and women who are post 9/11 Veterans and active military. Along with his wife and Assistant Director, Nancy De Santis, Rick exemplifies the term ‘working cowboy’ – not only in the saddle, but on the ground, helping others learn the cowboy way...

And then Some: A Gift from Orion by Gina McKnight

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Archived Freelance - 1st Publication Florida Equine Athlete May 2016

Peter Mankowski, CEO SeeHorse Wearable

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Archived interview as seen in the November 2015 Issue of Arabian Finish Line Magazine...From Canada, welcome Peter Mankowski the CEO of SeeHorse Wearable, a device that is designed “especially for the equestrian market by people who love horses.” SeeHorse will monitor your horse’s vital signs to “help you improve the health and performance of your horse.”