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Rockin Book Reviews Interview with Gina McKnight

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A fun interivew with Rockin Book Reviews, posted October 8, 2016. Thanks, Rockin Book Reviews!

Writing True West: An interview with author Jim Christina

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Recently, I had the great opportunity to connect with horseman and author Jim Christina. Besides being a natural horseman and a prolific writer, Jim is the host of LA Talk Radio’s The Writer’s Block, a nationally syndicated radio program engaging authors to talk about their books, writing, and much more.

An Interview with Author Patty Wiseman

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Welcome award winning author Patty Wiseman! Patty is the author of the romantic, historical suspense series The Velvet Shoe Collection, published by Desert Coyote Productions. Her new book An Unlikely Conclusion is the third in The Velvet Shoe Collection…

An Interview with Author Cygnet Brown

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Welcome author Cygnet Brown! The author of The Locket Saga, and several other historical novels, Brown talks about her writing, books, and advice for writers…

An Interview with Author J.R. Poulter

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J.R. Poulter (also known as J.R. McRae) is an award-winning author, celebrating her new book release “Dream of the Fox Women” – a beautifully illustrated children’s book published by Windy Hollow Books.

Lee R. Atterbury, Equestrian and Author

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Lee R. Atterbury is an avid equestrian and prolific author. Lee resides in Wisconsin USA with his family and beautiful herd of horses. His current novel, Crazy Woman, will draw you in and keep you captivated. Crazy Woman is a crime drama engaging charismatic characters with intriguing scenarios that escalate in suspense…

John Jeffries, Author

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John Jeffries is a former counter-intelligence officer, special agent and intelligence analyst with the U.S. Department of Defense. He was named by the commanding general, U.S. Army-Europe as an authority on international and transnational terrorism. On four continents John served in national security investigations and overt and covert special operations.

The Irish Free Thinker Author Tawny O'Hara

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Tawny talks about writing, dogs, goats, life, music, and horses…I met Tawny O’Hara several years ago in an online writing group. We immediately struck up a cyber-conversation and became fast friends. She is an Irish free thinker; a writer, author, horse-lover, musician, mother, and so much more. A multi-faceted talent of a woman who has so much zest and charisma she could talk a monkey out of a tree. She is witty, wise, and wonderful. She is the kind of person who would give you the shirt of her back, but tell you to go get a job while handing you her shirt.

Alexander Tomov, Author, Freelance Writer, Film Director

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From Bulgaria, Alexander Tomov, Junior is an author, freelance writer and film director. Tomov creates “surreal and mystical cinema which expresses my ideas through symbols. Its primary purpose is to look deep into human subconsciousness, in the hidden desires and feelings, to solve them and to explore the strange ways by which, according to me, they guide life. These themes dominate also in the short stories I write.”

Thomas Bartlett, Author

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Welcome author Thomas Bartlett! Announcing his first novel, Americans Bombing Paris, Bartlett is also a published ghost writer. He was born in Belfast, grew up in Galway, and lived a year in the US as a child. In his twenties, he lived in Paris for four years, and Spain for two. Now living in Dublin, he is a full-time writer.

David Page, Author & Poet

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Born in London, now residing in Gloucester, England, David Page is the author of over 6 books. He is a talented writer, writing complex plots with funny and provocative scenarios. A veteran of the Royal Navy, David spent 8 years in Her Majesty’s Service, including 2 years in an ex-Japanese Execution Camp in Singapore. For the past 30 years he has been a successful accountant and IT professional in Europe, the UK and the Far East. Currently in the process of writing a new novel, David took the time to talk about his writing and much more…

Jessica Starks, Writer, Blogger & Much More

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Jessica Starks is a freelance writer, blogger, pop culture junkie, natural hair freak, random fact lover, and much more… Her awesome blog The Pen & the Needle isn't necessarily your typical blog. Jessica says, “I classify as a lifestyle blog, but I don't have a specific niche. When I created The Pen & the Needle, I wanted to create a place for people to come and learn, laugh, and live! You never know what to expect from each post! Explore The Pen & the Needle and see what new things I can teach you today!"

Sangeeta Suneja, Author & World Poetess

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From New Deli, India, welcome world poetess Sangeeta Suneja . Sangeeta is the author of The First Few Minutes, her first book of poetry, short stories and a few motivational notes. Sangeeta says, “The stories are small and revolve around the subject of self-empowerment and have arisen out of my own observations of life and the mundane.”

Catherine Ulrich Brakefield, Author & Equestrian

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From Michigan USA, welcome author Catherine Ulrich Brakefield! In June 2015, Catherine released her new historical romance Wilted Dandelions! A rider of beautiful Arabian horses and a seasoned writer, Catherine enjoys the thrill of collecting historical research to write a novel that will connect you to America’s great heritage. Wilted Dandelions is the story of Rachael and her family, American missionaries who persevered. ;

Tim I. Gurung, Novelist & Philanthropist

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From Nepal, now living in Hong Kong, welcome novelist Tim I. Gurung! The author of six published novels, Tim is announcing novels seven and eight to be released in 2015! A world humanitarian, philanthropist and writer, Tim is a regular contributor to HKE Journal, as well as an avid blogger, and much more!

Wanda L. Brown, Author

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From Pennsylvania USA, welcome Wanda L. Brown, the author of A Special Gift: My Inspirational Journey to Healing. Wanda writes of emotional and physical challenges and the joy of true forgiveness.

Linda Hudson Hoagland, Author

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From Tazewell, Virginia USA, welcome award-winning Author Linda Hudson Hoagland. Linda writes fiction and non-fiction novels, short stories, poetry and more. She is currently the President of the Appalachian Authors Guild, as well as a member of numerous writing groups. Linda has a distinct writing style that will draw you into her scenarios, friend her characters, and keep you on the edge of your seat!

Robert A. Benjamin, Author

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Robert A. Benjamin is a well-rounded writer. He has penned four novels, including his new release A Gift of Dreams. Besides writing, Robert is a lover of all things aviation and is eager to talk about his flying adventures. He is also an accomplished artist and teacher.

C.C. Spivey, Author

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Residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, C.C. Spivey loves to write. She is the author of Reborn, a horror fiction novel about immortality and vampires…

Dwight Kemper, Author, Actor & More

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Author, actor, and much more, Dwight Kemper enjoys a writer’s life. His thrilling new fiction novel The Vampire’s Tomb Mystery will leave you on the edge of your seat!