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JulieAnn Derby, Fine Artist

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“Exploring the unknown, learning complex methods and creating structures provided a foundation for my work as an aerospace engineer and as an artist. There is a relentless desire to understand and navigate new terrains.”

The Fine Art of Debra Trent

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The Fine Art of Debra Trent - Archived article, 1st publication Arabian Finish Line April 2016 by Gina McKnight

For over 25 years Debra Trent has been creating masterpieces. A self-taught artist, she has captured our hearts with her artwork. Stunning portraits of horses, dogs, nature, and more, can be seen in her gallery. Currently painting for museum exhibitions, Debra has won many accolades, awards, and honors, including National juried museum exhibitions and competitions. Her portfolio includes a solo exhibition at the National Wildlife Federation, Vienna, Virginia....

Designs by Lucie, Custom Artwork

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From California USA welcome artist and equestrian Lucie Barry. She is the proprietor of Designs by Lucie, creating magical pieces of art that embrace the essence of horses, cats, dogs, and more. Lucy says…“Animals, especially dogs and horses are an integral part of my life and I try to show the love and admiration I have for them through my art-work. They have always captured my heart with their beauty, grace and unique language. Love and respect are earned and cannot be forced or faked. I try to reflect those genuine emotions through my art. I moved here in 1971 and never left, there is no where I would rather be! I love the beaches, weather and people.”

Shannon McClane, Artist

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World Artist, Shannon McClane creates stunning equine art, capturing the essence and soul of her subjects. Shannon’s creations are sought after by art collectors around the world. Her reputation for charismatic paintings is well-known throughout the art community.

Glen Bianchi, Spur & Bit Maker

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Glen Bianchi is an expert in his field. World-renowned for creating custom-made spurs and bits, Glen was 13 years old when he began learning the art of metal fabrication in his father’s machine shop. That was 46 years ago. Glen has worked in a machine shop doing prototype and welding for 45 years. His vast experience, skilled workmanship and creativity, produces beautiful and unique designs. In 2000, Glen became a student of Texas spur maker Walt Rambo. Glen learned the art of creating and designing handmade bits, spurs, buckles, and more.

Karen Brenner, Equine Artist & Author

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Equine artist Karen Brenner creates luminous oil paintings of beautiful horses. She is well known for Capturing Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses. She enjoys traveling to farms and equine events to photograph horses for her work. Her rich colors and closely cropped compositions are trademarks of her unique style. Karen's book, Beautiful Moments in the Lives of Horses, is a collection of over 80 of her favorite paintings combined with over 200 of her equine photographs.

Artist David Lloyd Collins

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From Coventry, UK, welcome Artist David Lloyd Collins. David is a professional Equestrian and Pet portrait artist, working from his home shed studio. Art is his passion. His portraits are stunning, capturing the essence and beauty of each life he paints. David studied art at Warwickshire College for three years, National Diploma in General Illustration before moving down to Dorest, Bournemouth and Poole College Higher National Diploma in Natural History Illustration for another two years, where he studied traditional painting techniques.

David McEwen, Artist

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David McEwen, Artist - From Lodeve, a small town in the Midi Region of The South of France, David McEwen resides with his wife Sally. They run the Painting Holiday Center, L'Atelier du Soulondre ( Lodeve is about 3/4 of an hour from Montpellier.

Tamara Rymer, Equine Artist

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Tamara Rymer is one of the world’s top equine artists. Residing in Texas, USA, Tamara’s artwork is showcased in numerous public galleries, as well as private collections. She has earned multiple national awards for her breathtaking artwork….

Frédérique Lavergne, Equine Artist

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Frédérique Lavergne, Artist

From Paris, France, Frédérique is a world renowned artist. 

Now living in Bayonne, France, she is in the process of painting Fauji, Marwari Stallion of India….here are a few of her beautiful paintings...


JulieAnn Derby, Fine Artist

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“Exploring the unknown, learning complex methods and creating structures provided a foundation for my work as an aerospace engineer and as an artist. There is a relentless desire to understand and navigate new terrains.”