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Joe Midgley Horsemanship

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Specializing in young and problem horses, Joe trains through an understanding of both the physical and psychological characteristics of the horse. Joe also produces show horses, specializing in western all around, and reining horses, dressage and show horses. Joe thinks of each horse as an individual, and so there is no set program or order of training. Each horse will be given a training program tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it is a show horse, young horse, or problem horse that you have for us to work with, we pride ourselves on producing a responsive and confident partner for you to progress with through your horsemanship journey….

Rodney's Saga with Katherine Walcott

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Katherine Walcott is a freelance writer and blogger. She is currently playing in the Saddle Seat and Combined Driving sandboxes while trying to convince her two pasture puffs to become over-fences competition horses.


Katherine has two Thoroughbreds, Rodney and Milton, who live in the backyard. They are pasture ornaments at the moment. The goal is for both to become competition horses. Meanwhile, Katherine has been showing American Saddlebreds in the Academy division with Stepping Stone Farm.


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The Moody Mare Tack Shack

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All your equine and show needs for the lowest prices New and consignment!

Hay for Sale Ads: Buy or Sell!

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Welcome to, a user and mobile friendly web site where you can browse hay for sale classified ads to find hay near your location, register for hay alerts, search using an interactive map, search by state, and much more. Hay producers and sellers can post free ads and no registration is required to post. Get started now by exploring the web site…

Connacht Sport Horses Ireland, Meryl Connaughton Equestrian

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Welcome to Connacht Sport Horses…Based in the heart of Ireland we offer a unique bespoke service, sourcing the finest quality Sports Horses for each client's specific needs. With over 30 years' experience of competing, training and producing horses of our own and for others, we have accumulated a comprehensive knowledge of competition horses. Though this experience and Meryl's exceptional eye for a horse, we have found and produced Zara Phillips' World and European champion Toytown, as well as selling horses to Sam Griffiths, Badminton winner 2014, Ginny Howe, International Event rider, and Kurt Martin, USA three-times winner, not to mention many other international riders and ambitious amateurs.

Peter Mankowski, CEO SeeHorse Wearable

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Archived interview as seen in the November 2015 Issue of Arabian Finish Line Magazine...From Canada, welcome Peter Mankowski the CEO of SeeHorse Wearable, a device that is designed “especially for the equestrian market by people who love horses.” SeeHorse will monitor your horse’s vital signs to “help you improve the health and performance of your horse.”

Fred E. Kunkle, Equestrian/Goldenwings Horseshoes

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From USA, Fred E. Kunkle is an all-around equestrian as well as the salesman for Fred has a lot of horse history and, as a farrier, knows the importance of good shoes. Goldenwings are currently in the final phase of prototype testing in the Sonoran Desert to be sure the shoes will exceed the company’s 40 day/40 night 100% money back quality guarantee. Fred says, “This is the most revolutionary new horseshoe in over 2000 years.”

FVF Clay Creations

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From USA, meet Nickole, the proprietor and creator of FVF Clay Creations! Creating cute sculptured ponies with a whimsical flair, Nickole molds each pony by hand. Using top-quality clay, she can create a pony just for you!

Tammy Prevo, RideFit

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Welcome Equestrian Fitness expert Tammy Prevo, the proprietor and founder of RideFit! Tammy has nearly 30 years of experience in both equestrian sports and physical fitness. She is certified as a Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a Sports Nutritionist, and Equi-Yoga instructor. Tammy was involved in sports from the time she was a child – playing basketball, volleyball, running track, cycling and mountain biking, as well as competing her horses in combined training and Dressage – by far her greatest passion. Now, Tammy has combined her expertise in equestrian sport biomechanics, with her experience and knowledge of the human body and physical adaptation to develop fitness/conditioning programs for both horses and riders…

Tab Calvitti & Jenna Knudsen - IsaEquine

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Tab Calvitti & Jenna Knudsen - IsaEquine Welcome Tab Calvitti and Jenna Knudsen, the proprietors of IsaEquine. Tab and Jenna are life-long Equestrians whose love of health and all things equine led them to create a health system that educates and engages horse and rider to optimum health. Peruse their website and journey with them as they encourage and support your success! They are heading to HITS Ocala in March 2015 and will be at Equine Affaire Ohio in April 2015. Check their website for additional venues in your geographic area.

Adam Ellis, Saddle Maker at Adam Ellis Saddles UK

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Welcome from West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, world saddle maker Adam Ellis! Adam is the proprietor of Adam Ellis Saddles of UK Saddles Ltd. Adam's interest in horses began at a very early age, having been heavily influenced by his father who was a farrier for the Army veterinary core and who was highly regarded within the profession as a farrier. Adam was taught to ride by the much revered and respected Army Officer and competitor John Addlington, before receiving guidance from Ben Jones Olympic medalist.

Equine Dentistry without Sedation

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Jeff Klepinger, EDT, Equine Dentist, presents his new video Equine Dentistry without Sedation. As a horse owner, Jeff asked if I would review his new video and share my analysis and recommendations. The video is very informative and explains a horse’s dental health in detail. Jeff introduces a beautiful compliant Appaloosa, who is willing to serve for this demonstration. Jeff begins with an Introduction, expounding on how to determine when your horse needs a float procedure.

Fred Taylor, Mojo Racing

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From Texas, USA, Fred Taylor is the Founder, CEM, and President of Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (aka Mojo Racing Partners), an international company that buys race horses and offers reasonably priced opportunities for people to co-own and participate in the exciting sport of thoroughbred racing. In 2006 Fred began Mojo Racing Partners. He continues to maintain a quality environment for Mojo’s thoroughbreds, ensuring their success; providing only exceptional handlers, trainers, and jockeys.

Glen Bianchi, Spur & Bit Maker

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Glen Bianchi is an expert in his field. World-renowned for creating custom-made spurs and bits, Glen was 13 years old when he began learning the art of metal fabrication in his father’s machine shop. That was 46 years ago. Glen has worked in a machine shop doing prototype and welding for 45 years. His vast experience, skilled workmanship and creativity, produces beautiful and unique designs. In 2000, Glen became a student of Texas spur maker Walt Rambo. Glen learned the art of creating and designing handmade bits, spurs, buckles, and more.

Janette Perrett, The Original Rug Bag

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The Original Rug Bag will revolutionize your tack room by not only keeping your rugs clean but making it look smart and tidy. It is what we have been waiting for to protect our expensive rugs and to help them last longer. From Hertfordshire, UK, welcome Janette Perrett, CEO of The Original Rug Bag Company

Daryl Boyd, President Arthrogen GmbH

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From Galena, Ohio, USA, meet Daryl Boyd, President Arthrogen GmbH. A successful corporate executive, Daryl interviews about his horse heritage as well as breakthrough technology in the world of horse medicine….

Frank Lovato Jr, Equestrian/Former Jockey

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 A heart for horses, Frank Lovato Jr, is an extraordinary equestrian. From an early age Frank was obsessed with becoming a jockey. At the age 0f 13, Frank left his family to follow his dream. Frank lived in horse barns, sleeping on tack room floors, taking on inferior stable jobs, just to find his place on the race track. After 3 years, he began his apprentice jockey career. In 1980, Frank received the coveted Eclipse Award - Jockey Apprentice USA.

Dr. Heinrich Anhold, PhD/CEO StableLab

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From Ireland, biochemist Dr. Heinrich Anhold, PhD (right) is the CEO of award-winning StableLab. A former junior international showjumper, Dr. Anhold announces new innovation for the equine world community.

Dr. Claudia Ciugudean, DVM

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From Alba lulia, Transylvania, Romania, introducing Dr. Claudia Ciugudean, DVM (Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine). Dr. Ciugudean is the Vice President of the Romanian Equine Veterinarian Association, as well as an avid equestrian and horse lover! As a dedicated fulltime veterinarian, Dr. Ciugudean emphasizes the importance of proactive animal care. In her free time, she enjoys her beautiful family, and riding her horse Apache…

Sally Faith Steinmann, Milliner

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"Hats Off to the Horses" Old Friends Auction - Sally Faith Steinmann was born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, at a time when hats were going out of fashion. However, as a little girl she was intrigued by the hats she saw and began creating hats and costumes for her puppets and stuffed animals. It was this fascination with designing and creating that eventually led to her career as a milliner. ;