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Joe Midgley Horsemanship

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Specializing in young and problem horses, Joe trains through an understanding of both the physical and psychological characteristics of the horse. Joe also produces show horses, specializing in western all around, and reining horses, dressage and show horses. Joe thinks of each horse as an individual, and so there is no set program or order of training. Each horse will be given a training program tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it is a show horse, young horse, or problem horse that you have for us to work with, we pride ourselves on producing a responsive and confident partner for you to progress with through your horsemanship journey….

Straight: How to use it and not abuse it by Zeliha A. Thomas, Horse Trainer, Reiki - Master

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"Straight: How to use it and not abuse it" by Zeliha A. Thomas, Horse Trainer, Reiki - Master

Evaluating An Unhandled Rescued Colt the ROTH Way with Anna Twinney

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Previously unhandled this young 2-year old colt's wild streak intimidated many at the rescue for months. When Anna entered his pen and introduced a gentle, stress-free way to converse he welcomed the chance. Aware of his physical restrictions, previous injuries and curious nature she moves along smoothly introducing the halter and leading - for a life outside of the pen and a future home. She makes it looks easy and does not trigger or introduce inappropriate or dangerous behavior, but instead encourages softness.

Mark Hanna, The Horse Listener

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The Horse Listener - author Mark Hanna is on the verge of releasing his new book Easily and Effortlessly: The Horse Listener Resurrected. Mark writes, “I seek to influence the youth and as many horsemen and future horsemen who will listen to my message.” Mark shares his passion for the Arabian horse as he provides insight to horsemanship, being an equestrian, caring for horses, and life in general…

Connacht Sport Horses Ireland, Meryl Connaughton Equestrian

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Welcome to Connacht Sport Horses…Based in the heart of Ireland we offer a unique bespoke service, sourcing the finest quality Sports Horses for each client's specific needs. With over 30 years' experience of competing, training and producing horses of our own and for others, we have accumulated a comprehensive knowledge of competition horses. Though this experience and Meryl's exceptional eye for a horse, we have found and produced Zara Phillips' World and European champion Toytown, as well as selling horses to Sam Griffiths, Badminton winner 2014, Ginny Howe, International Event rider, and Kurt Martin, USA three-times winner, not to mention many other international riders and ambitious amateurs.

Ignacio Alfredo Casafus, World Horseman

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World Equestrian - Horse Trainer, Riding Instructor, Equine Ethology and Bio-Mechanics Expert - Ignacio Alfredo Casafus is an avid horse-lover and professional horseman. Traveling the world, Casafus has been schooled by Oscar Scarpati, Lucy Rees, and Maneul de Rosa. He knows every end of the horse – from farrier work to dressage.

Seth Benzel, Abstract Deconstructionist, Horse Trainer, and more...

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Residing in New York, USA, Abstract Deconstructionist Seth Benzel creates stunning artwork. His creativity reflects “a desire to challenge the viewer, deny the mistake, and value the mark within a new, conceptual context, while drawing from other movements throughout art history.”

Ivan Dimitrijevic, Equestrian & Trainer

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Ivan Dimitrijevic lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a horse-lover; avid equestrian and trainer. Ivan has a keen connection with horses – a horse-whisperer at times. He has achieved many accomplishments and awards with both the horses and competitors that he has trained.

Finding the Magic by Dan Sumerel

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Dan Sumerel lives in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Salem, Virginia, USA. He is the author of the world-acclaimed equestrian manual Finding the Magic. He is the founder of Sumerel Training and Sumerel Therapy, equine programs that teach the necessities of riding…

Fernando Noailles, Emotion Coaching

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Emotion Coaching with Horses! Fernando Noailles does not teach a technique, but a philosophy of life…

Shelley Hamilton - Horses 101

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Shelley Hamilton is the proprietor of Spirit Horse Farm and the facilitator/instructor of Horses 101, a program geared for all ages of horse enthusiasts! From Ontario, Canada, Spirit Horse Farm embraces the wonders of horsemanship…

The Alchemy of Lightness, Dr. Maria Katsamanis

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Lambertville, New Jersey – When looking for ways to improve riding skills or raise equitation scores, most equestrians would never think to turn to the science world for training tips, riding lessons or for solving problems in the dressage ring. Words such as molecules, electric charges and chemical reactions don’t seem to naturally coincide with words like piaffe or passage. But for clinical psychologist and horse trainer, Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Stavros Vergis, Equestrian

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Stavros Vergis is a seasoned horse trainer. Mentored by famous Australian equestrian Eric Mathie, Stavros takes his time when schooling a horse. He emphasizes a light rein, a relaxed disposition and an intuitive rider for optimum results. Now residing in Athens, Greece, Stavros answers questions about his horsemanship and he's looking to India for his next training adventure…

Retired Col Sarpartap Singh, Equestrian

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Retired Col Sarpartap Singh is the ultimate equestrian. He is the Vice President of the Indigenous Horse Society of India, Vice President of the Punjab Equestrian Association, President Lakhi Sindhi Horse Breeders Society, member Tentpegging Committee Asian Equestrian Federation Horseshow organizer, Equestrian Consultant, Horse Trainer, Equestrian Instructor, FEI Endurance Judge & Td, and Tentpegging Coach…

Missy Wryn, Gentle Horse Trainer

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Through tragedy and triumph, Missy uses her own experiences to help others through emotional and physical challenges. Her horses are amazing, compassionate and loved….